Sutton Park Bushcare group has operated for approximately 30 years and has successfully maintained and preserved the bushland character of Sutton Park Bush Reserve over that period.  This has been achieved through persistent weed control, planting local native plant varieties and lobbying for various protection and maintenance measures for the area.

The group is supported by the BMCC Bushcare team.

The Sutton Park Bush Reserve is bounded by the Great Western Highway, Hargraves Street, Valley View Road and the rear of properties on the northern side of Chelmsford Street. The site surrounds Sutton Park which provides playground equipment and public conveniences and is a popular stopping point for travellers on the Great Western Highway.

Being located quite close to the centre of Blackheath township, the Sutton Park Bush Reserve contributes to the bushland character of Blackheath and adds significantly to the amenity of the local area. Although bisected by Valley View Road the reserve forms part of a continuous bushland corridor extending from the Bridle Veil Falls in the Blue Mountains National Park to the Great Western Highway, through the centre of Blackheath.

The bushland area of the reserve represents a good example of remnant ridge top heathland and boasts a wide variety of native plants.  The effort of the local Bushcare group over decades has prevented degradation of the area through the serious invasion of large weeds and planting of native species to act as barriers. However the area is impacted by weedy seedlings from weeds such as Holly, Scotch Broom, Gorse, Portuguese Heath and Radiata Pine.  Japanese Honeysuckle and Ivy also present a problem as do a number of  garden escapees  such as Montbretia and Agapanthus. Non-native grasses like Sweet Vernal and flat weeds require constant control.

A flow line along the southern boundary of the reserve is of serious concern to the group as it delivers stormwater runoff from the Highway and acts as a vector for weed seed invasion, endangering areas of pristine native vegetation through siltation.

The Sutton Park Bushcare Group meets on the first Thursday of the month from 9 AM to 12 Midday. The group welcomes new members and particularly neighbours in the area.

Contacts for the group are: BMCC Bushcare Officer Steve Fleischmann sfleischmann@bmcc.nsw.gov.au Local Contact: Ian Glover 0421 430 077

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